About Me – First Post

Although this is a cut and paste of my homepage text, it serves to introduce me and why I am blogging.  I will update this blog with musings and helpful articles on creating knowledge and even wisdom from all the information that is on the Web!  Looking forward to traversing the web with you!

Don Pearson

Don Pearson, DSPWebMedia

About Me . . .

Welcome to my site! After years of study and working in information technology, I have come to the conclusion that my niche is in processing information. Not as a computer does, as in organizing and categorizing, but in interpreting, comparing and making connections that only a quirky human mind can do. (So far, that is!) Others, from T. S. Eliot to Frank Zappa, have thought about the work that goes into transforming data into information, information into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom.

So why did I “LLC” myself? I decided that I wanted to spend my time processing information for a living. I wanted to study a subject or field or business problem and find the best way to clearly, precisely and even interestingly present useful knowledge. There is an art to it, I believe. It is more than just organizing data into a spreadsheet or writing a procedure manual. Who reads the manuals anyway?

After working in a variety of fields, from IT to teaching, to theology and parenting, I have come to realize that success lies in being able to process information – weed out the bad, find the authoritative and condense it all down into some nugget of truth that can inform one’s actions. Perhaps that is my definition of knowledge. What good is information if nothing comes of it?

What is delightful about the Web is that it has allowed information to take flight. For any subject you could imagine there is a website, often with pictures, audio or video. Even Luddites and the Amish have websites! My quest to make information meaningful, useful and fun led me to web design and development, which I do through DSPWebMedia. That is not all I do though. I also write and edit. For examples of my work, see my portfolio.

I have always described myself as an ‘Information Technology Professional,’ but perhaps I should now refine that to being a ‘Knowledge Technology Professional.’ I aspire to go further, and to help take the Web further, than just a boundless compendium of information. I believe that we now need to take what is out there on the Web and process it into knowledge. That is my goal in any project I take on, whether it is editing your memoirs, creating a new website for you, or revamping your presence on the Internet.

Finally, I love pictures almost as much as words. If I had another life to live, I would be a professional photographer. For this life, however, I have to be satisfied with being an amateur. But doing something just for the love of it is well worth doing! If you’re interested, you can find my pictures on my Flickr page.

So welcome to my corner of the Web! Leave me a comment or greeting. Let me know if you have some processing you’d like me to do, some information that needs to be turned into knowledge. I’ll make sure your data or information becomes relevant, useful and even fun! Who knows, together we might even manage to produce some wisdom!

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